Sunday, October 31, 2010

tengok siapa yang bercakap :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

fiphtetallman is in newspaper :)

it is fipthetallman :) hahahaha.

long time no see yaa? :)

hey yaa all guys. 
we three always busy with our studies, conflicts, and school megazine. 
our school megazine it must to be finished before next week because the publisher want the work that we go through to print it :)
hope us can do it fast as we can okay :) pray for us.


so, tday 29th october 2010. 24 day more to go ! SPM just around the corner guys. 
please change ur attitude please. im begging u. :)
please least all the negative attitudes, badwords, and all the kind of sometin that make ur heart  far form the al-mighty :) 
so, pray and pray and pray to be a succesfull person :)
dont forget study kay? :)

tanggephotography want to wish goodluck and all the best to SPM CANDIDATES 2010 :D 
-updated by fipthetallman-

Saturday, October 9, 2010

imej 13 :)

hey guys. :)
fipthetallman here
so, we have'nt long update our blog cuz we three need to focus on our studies..
then, now trial SPM have finished.
we three need to finished our school megazine during this week.
i hate it last minute work haha. 
all do hate it. what to do? laziness cant thrash it out... haha

so, wish we three good luck and all the best in our life and career :) yaa later guys :)